Our Services

Authentica is a consulting company which primarily delivers business internal leadership development programmes, leadership development and leader coaching. This also includes talent development programmes for leaders, assessment centres for training, “train the trainers” programmes for company internal consultants and safety leadership. We also provide other organisational development measures such as the facilitation of development processes in smaller and larger groups, conflict management processes and work environment surveys.

Leadership development

Authentica designs and executes internal development programmes for leaders at all levels within an organisation. We can deliver relatively short programmes with a focus on training, influencing styles and communication. These are often combined with individual follow-up initiatives between two or three short modules. We also deliver considerably more comprehensive programmes in which self-development figures prominently, combined with communication training and the development of strategic competencies.

We base our work on humanistic traditions, behavioural science and positive psychology. We work with leaders in order to create good frameworks for learning and development, either in groups or through the provision of support to an individual leader. This means that we make use of up-to-date theory and research within the area of leadership, while our main focus remains firmly placed on the relevant leadership challenges in each individual role. This focus allows us to be flexible and eclectic in relation to the leadership theories that we use, all depending on what is most relevant to the leader we are working with. For example, we will involve participants by encouraging them to exchange knowledge and experiences, to practise skills, develop case studies and to engage in reflection.

Management team development

We work to develop Management teams at all levels and take a great deal of inspiration from Henning Bang’s theory on management team development. We sometimes take on smaller assignments for some management teams, but most of our processes start with an analysis of the current situation in the form of participant interviews or through a web-based analysis.

We then go on to sketch out and implement a development plan based on the analysis results and the needs of the team. These processes usually run for around half a year and consist of further analyses, individual leader coaching, meeting observations and a number of sessions which are aimed at developing trust, cooperation and communication within the team. In some cases, this is also combined with leadership development and the programme then becomes a “Leadership development in The Management team”.

Leader coaching

The coaching or mentoring of leaders is something that we usually do as part of our leadership programmes and management team development initiatives. We also follow up with leaders who are in special situations or who are faced with particular challenges in their leadership. Such processes are usually scheduled over a determined period of time and they usually have specific goals which are established in the initial stages.

We can often combine this with 360-degree analyses and NEO PI personality tests, which can be used to support development. In some cases, we also follow up with leaders in meetings or as part of the normal working day in order to give feedback which can be used to better understand the challenges being faced.

Leadership Talent Development

We have extensive experience in developing highly talented leaders. By talented leaders, we mean leaders who are regarded by their superiors as being ready for more leadership responsibilities. Individuals who are put in charge are usually people who can combine their high qualifications with initiative and an ability to get things done. Most people still have a lot that they need to develop before taking on more responsibility, especially when it comes to leading others.

The leadership role is complex and demanding. We design programmes that put talented leaders in the position to take on more responsibility while simultaneously developing their self-confidence and skills in the role of a leader. As a general rule, the key components are:
• Increased insight into the company’s values, strategy and its organisational foundations.
• Increased understanding as to how your own behaviour impacts others and useful insights into your patterns of preference, emotions and mindset.
• Training and development of communication styles and leadership skills in order to exert a greater influence and positive impact.

We can also use our Assessment Centre concept for training which constitutes a central part of leadership development.

Assessment Center

Authentica’s Assessment Centre (AC) gives participants the opportunity to undertake a training consisting of many simulated but realistic situations in the role of a leader.

Participants get the chance to practise and test out how well they are able to master their communication skills, exert influence and lead others in stressful situations that place multiple demands simultaneously. Our AC is designed to yield maximum training benefit, with participants meeting around 20 different actors over the course of a day and roleplaying six different situations under the guidance of competent consultants from our network.

In addition to preparing for these meetings, participants also need to quickly study and retain lots of information that is relevant to the case. The AC itself takes around 8–9 hours and finishes with a test that aims to establish how much relevant information the participant has picked up. The following day is used in its entirety for debriefing through video analyses and reflections on the participants’ own performances, reactions and learning.

Safety leadership

We believe that safety leadership is a central tool when it comes to increasing safety awareness in our day-to-day working lives. By training leaders, safety representatives and others to hold high-quality safety discussions with their employees, individual awareness will increase and the company’s safety culture will get better over time.

We use our extensive experience in training leadership skills to design relatively short internal programmes in which participants learn and develop their discussion techniques so that they may then encourage others to reflect and become more aware of their own safety behaviours in both the past and future.