Good leaders are authentic.

We believe that good leadership is best developed through understanding the effects we have on others, so that we can work on putting ourselves to use in the most constructive way possible. This sometimes means adjusting behaviours and traits which are not well suited to leadership roles, although it is mostly about getting to know ourselves, learning to rely on our idiosyncrasies and putting our skills to use more often. Authentic leadership is about leading with integrity and being who you truly are in your role as a leader. At the same time, it’s also about adapting leadership behaviours to different contexts without compromising your integrity and your values.

Leadership is responsibility for results. There’s no leadership without will. The sort of leaders that people want to follow are leaders who clearly communicate their will and objectives in line with the company’s vision and values, and who drum up enthusiasm by demonstrating their own commitment. Good leaders acknowledge their employees and make them grow.

Good leaders are authentic. Good leaders are down to earth. They are genuine.

Our services:

Authentica er et konsulentfellesskap som primært leverer bedriftsinterne lederutviklingsprammer, ledergruppeutvikling og lederveiledning. Herunder også talentutviklingsprogrammer for ledere, ”train the trainers”-programmer for internkonsulenter og sikkerhetsledelse. Vi leverer også andre organisasjonsutviklings tiltak som fasilitering av utviklingsprosesser i større og mindre grupper, samt konflikthåndtering og arbeidsmiljøkartlegging.

Our values


After many years of experience, education and further training we are professionally solid.
We have chosen to use our lives and careers to help develop leaders because it is our view that good leadership makes people believe in their goals and strive to achieve them, which in turn creates meaning, motivation, good results and higher quality of life. The result is healthy, happy organisations.


We want to challenge you intellectually and emotionally and we want to help you discover how reflection and training can be useful and necessary tools for learning. We will take responsibility for our work and you will feel able to rely on us to deliver results and push processes forward.


We will actively try to understand your unique context and needs. It is our job to comprehend your organisation and adapt ourselves to your way of doing things. We will create trust and you shall feel able to really rely on us.